Piano and voice duet around Nat King Cole’s repertoire. The two musicians offer a re-reading of his music in an open spirit, between tradition and improvisation. The repertoire is magnified by the expressive singer Soraya Berent allied to the free and personal playing of pianist Michel Wintsch.

Pianist, composer, improviser,  Michel Wintsch draws his constantly renewed inspiration at the root of multiple musical genres. He adopts a composition system that leaves a great part of creativity to his fellow musicians, and yet defines his own style. He tours, among others,  with the WHO trio (Gerry Hemingway et Bänz Oester) since 20 years in the entire world. He published numerous albums and played with Fred Frith, Han Bennink, Ray Anderson etc…. As a composer, he works in the field of cinema (Alain Tanner), theater, radio,  ballet, as well as many other musical projects.